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Artwork by Takahiro Kimura

Paolo Uccello got crazy about perspective
Leonardo da Vinci drew blue in the distant mountain and erased the contour line with his fingers
Caravaggio was fascinated by the shadow after he chased the identity of the light
why Claude Monet could not mix paint in the palette is nothing but evidence that
the act of drawing a picture is a challenge of
drawing a three-dimensional real world on a two-dimensional canvas.

A painter is also other painter in the cornerstone of their own passions have been
challenged in penance that drawing a picture that only humans are allowed in
Iki Toshi Iker things by being released from the drawn lines and colors.

In a sense, the challenge is what will not be an exaggeration to say that what makes art, art paintings.

However, it should run out to the painters of favor if it is possible to play work
what the affectation also free to swim without also pandering not as necessarily
a mirror of things of the mind to watch, rather than need to challenge can be seen easily and suffering in that earlier .

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